what is epi leather?

What is Epi Leather? Luxurious & Long Lasting

Epi leather is a superb brown-grained leather that comes in two batches. The surface layer is lighter, while the deeper layer has a deeper hue. Epi leather is exceptionally durable, supple, and scratch-resistant. Its texture resembles wheat fields moving in the sun. It's no secret that Louis Vuitton is famous and shines with its typical monogram pattern that we all know and love. One "premium weapon," however, that is helping Louis ...

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models have tattos

Can Models Have Tattoos? | Here Are 21 Tatted Models

Can models have tattoos? Yes, they can, but it has its exceptions. Some brands love models with tattoos, and others will reject them. The difference is what the modeling agency wants and how the audience they market to. Your audience and therefore job opportunities are limited if you have permanently inked your arms, legs, hips, neck, or hands. There are, however, some agencies and brands that work specifically with inked ...

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wear on passover

Do’s and Don’ts Of What To Wear On Passover – Best Style Guide For Passover Dinner Guide 2021

Every spring, Jewish people gather to celebrate a special holiday—Passover! Commemorating in memory of the Passover out of Egypt to the promised land and escape from Egyptian slavery. You may have wondered what to wear for Passover? Passover is an honorable holiday and is a week-long event. Well, you reached the right blog! Today, we’re discussing our top do’s and don'ts of what to wear to a Seder event. With Passover being ...

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