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Can Models Have Tattoos? | Here Are 21 Tatted Models

Can models have tattoos? Yes, they can, but it has its exceptions. Some brands love models with tattoos, and others will reject them. The difference is what the modeling agency wants and how the audience they market to.

Your audience and therefore job opportunities are limited if you have permanently inked your arms, legs, hips, neck, or hands. There are, however, some agencies and brands that work specifically with inked models in an attempt to reach a different audience.

There are not many models in the modeling industry who are covered in tattoos, but there are some who have done well by showing their body art and have had successful modeling careers.

It is not always possible for models who have enormous tattoos to be accepted, but some time may be needed to accommodate clients’ requests. This is because some clients want models with tattoos to display their products.

The modeling rules are very strict and different in the world of high fashion, especially when you work with big brands. Brands of this nature have very strict rules that models must follow so they can meet the brand’s requirements, such as their height, body measurements, and whether or not they have tattoos or tattooed skin.

Is it possible to Photoshop the tattoo?

Nowadays, almost every picture available for publication has been photo-shopped. It’s pretty simple to retouch tattoos from photos – but modeling agencies have to take a more conservative approach, so they’re not fond of models with tattoos.

Even though removing a tattoo from a photo is easy, it does cost money, and modeling agencies can never assume that the clients will be willing to take that risk.

Is it possible for make-up to cover tattoos?

Some modeling agencies allow tattoos on models, and some agencies do not want tattooed models.

Making-up artists can help you hide small ink spots, but if the ink spots are large they will be harder to cover.

While beginner models might not have large tattoos, it may be difficult to conceal them. While in some modeling categories such as high fashion, you may have a large tattoo, but you do not wear them in high fashion.

Check out these 21 top-rated models with tattoos

Tattoos and piercings are common among successful top models. As tattoos have become more popular, they are no longer considered a sign of rebellion like they once were. Rather, they are typically considered an outlet for self-expression and creativity.

As models have become more and more famous for their distinctive markings and pride in their ink, it has become quite common for them to take great pride in it.

Among these famous models are the following:

  • Jourdan Dunn

models have tattoos

In between Jordan’s shoulder blades is a symbol of the Egyptian goddess Isis, which represents motherhood, spirituality, and protection. She also sports a large phoenix tattoo on the side of her body.

  • Cara Delevingn0e

models have tattoos

Cara has a famous lion tattoo on her index finger, but it’s far from her only tattoo. Over twenty tattoos adorn the admitted tattoo addict’s body.

  • Gisele Bundchen

models with tattoos

On her wrist and ankle, Gisele has an inked star and a moon respectively.

  • Kendall Jenner

models with tattos

On the inside of Kendall’s lower lip is a discreet tattoo that reads “meow”

  • Behati Prinsloo

models with tattoos

Behati and her husband, Adam, both got matching tattoos reading, “You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool.”

  • Kate Moss

models with tattoos

Kate’s back has twin sparrow tattoos designed by Lucien Freud. An anchor also sits on her forearm.

  • Bella Hadid

models with tattoos

In honor of her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Bella got angel wings tattooed on both ankles by popular artist JonBoy.

  • Eve Salvail

models with tattoos

In the 1990s, Eve became a top model thanks to her shaved head and dragon tattoo.

  • Carolyn Murphy

models with tattoos

The koi fish was once attached to Caroline’s right hip, but she recently had it removed.

  • Freja Beha Erichsen

models with tattoos

Freja has three tattoos, with the word ‘float’ on her neck being the most prominent.

  • Catherine McNeil

models with tattoos

The artwork on Catherine’s body numbers more than a hundred.

  • Daria Werbowy

models have tattos

She has a tattoo of an abstract wave on her foot to show her love of the sea.

  • Isabeli Fontana

models have tattoos

The name ‘Zion’ in a Gothic script is inscribed on Isabeli’s upper back with angel wings as a tribute to her first child.

  • Slick Woods

models with tattoos

An image of a gun is tattooed in the center of Slick’s chest.

  • Erin Wasson

models with tattoos

Tattoos are Erin’s obsession, and you can find many of her ink on her back and arms.

  • Omahyra Mota

models have tattoos

The tattoo on Omahyra’s left arm that best represents her is the words “Dios altissimo”.

  • Jamie Bochert

models have tattoos

The spine of Jamie is tattooed with snake bones.

  • Ruby Rose

models with tattos

She has numerous tattoos, some of which are inspired by her interests.

  • Natalie Westling

models have tattoos

Natalie has Van’s logo and motto tattooed on her forearm.

  • Tasha Tilberg

models have tattoos

As a young artist, Tasha creates her art, however, her colorful, flower tattoo on her shoulder is her favorite.

  • Melodie Monrose

models have tattoos

The upper part of Melanie’s body is adorned with a feather tattoo.


If you look at supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Kendall Jenner, you’ll notice some discreet tattoos compared to being completely covered in tattoos (like Catherine McNeil and Freja Beha Erichsen). Getting tattoos decreases a model’s versatility, so think carefully before getting one. Even top models need to be cautious about where they ink.

It is also important to consider the size and type of tattoo you get. The item you select must be in style or not offensive to others. Wearing offensive tattoos will reduce their employment opportunities – possibly even eliminate them.


  • The tattoos a model needs to become successful

In response to the question of Should I get a tattoo if I want to get into modeling?, or are tattoos necessary for becoming a model?, the straight answer is No. If you want to become a model, it is not necessary to have a tattoo.

As a beginner or aspiring model, you should hold off on getting any tattoos until you’ve established your career. If you begin with an unknown model, you could find that your opportunities are limited.

For aspiring models who want to become high fashion models but also fashion models, avoid getting any tattoos because ink-free models are highly valued. Clear skin, flawless skin is desired by most brands.


  • Getting a modeling job with tattoos

As you apply to a modeling agency, do not lie about having tattoos. Also, do not dismiss it by looking guilty. If you have tattoos, be very honest and let them know that you also have plans on things to use to cover it and how you use them.

Who Will Be Employing You?

If you are hoping to do catalog work for politically correct or well-regarded brands such as Mother Care and Cath Kidston, it is unlikely that they will hire a model covered in tattoos. This is because that look is not representative of their target audience.

The same applies to companies that promote natural products. People with tattoos won’t fit in with their business philosophy as it would conflict with their company’s mission.


Your tattoos, however, can help you if you would like to model for boutique companies with an eclectic and conceptual ethos.

Brands like Urban Outfitters and All Saints are great choices for clothes. Tattooed models are more than welcome to promote their clothes. To be successful, you must understand each employer’s needs and expectations.

Remember to consider carefully the type of clientele they will be targeting if you are a high-end brand. In Estée Lauder’s targeted market, developed, mature, professional women were sought out; when they sought a younger audience, Kendall Jenner (who has tattoos, though none are seen in her campaign images) stepped in.

  • What will you model?

A coat of ink on your skin makes it difficult to be chosen as a model for ladylike and girly products. In the case of casting for a company that caters to professional businessmen, if you have tattoos, but the person next to you doesn’t, your competition is very likely to win.

When you’re uncertain whether a brand will hire you, ask yourself this question; can you imagine the brand’s stereotypical customer with tattoos? You might be hired by the brand if your answer is yes. Having tattoos may cause you to lose your job if your answer is no.


  • Modeling portfolios with tattoos

Whether your tattoos are displayed or hidden in your modeling portfolio depends on the type of work you’re seeking.

It is important to limit your tattoos if you are intending to pursue a career in professional commercial or fashion modeling. You should also cover your tattoos in photographs if you intend to be signed by modeling agencies.

Include only one or two photos of really creative tattoos in a commercial modeling portfolio.

Related Questions

  • Can Victoria Secret models have tattoos?

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are two celebrities who are well known for their tattoos, as they flaunt them daily. Although supermodels such as Gisele and Kate Moss are often photographed, did you know that they also have tats? Likewise Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, Victoria’s Secret mainstays.


  • Are models allowed to have tattoos?

Many advertising firms and companies prefer their models to have nobody art since they want to show off their clothing collection on a blank canvas. Like a permanent accessory, a tattoo isn’t easy to remove and may even become out of style as it can never be removed.


  • How much does a tattoo model make?

In the United States, ZipRecruiter reports that annual salaries for Tattoo Models can range from $238,500 (top percentile) to $13,500 (bottom percentile), with top earners making $153,500 yearly (90th percentile).

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