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Is It Allowed To Bring Cigars on A Plane? | TSA Rules Explained

Are you a cigar enthusiast looking forward to traveling by air? Good news for you, you won’t have to miss out on smoking your favorite cigar while on vacation. You are certainly allowed to carry your sticks with you. However, if you’re not careful, you may damage your cigars while flying or get them confiscated by security.

Yes, you can carry your pack of cigars on a plane. But there are some rules which you cannot break and some precautions you need to take for bringing cigars with you. If you try to follow certain guidelines, you won’t run into any trouble.

The TSA or Transport Security Administration is a group of officers who police what is allowed or prohibited on planes. According to basic TSA rules, anyhow, cigars do not make it to the prohibited items list. Passengers can take them in carry-on as well as checked luggage.

You should always consider checking in with your airline for any specific restrictions so that you don’t face a hassle later on.

For a domestic flight, you can avoid damage in transit by investing in a container. For an international flight, check for the amount you are allowed to carry.

Below are some precautions you will need to take, though.

How will you protect your cigars?
cigars on a plane

Protecting your cigars is necessary whether you choose to carry them in your checked bags or your carry-on bag. You need to make sure your precious sticks are in good shape when you arrive at your destination, as damaged cigars can ruin the mood.

While cigars can be better protected in your carry-on bag, you may have to face some security issues. For this reason, most people prefer carrying their cigars in their checked luggage.

The problem with this way of carrying is that you will never know how airport workers are handling your luggage. Airport workers aren’t exactly known for their delicate handling of luggage. So you’re risking your items being thrown around, squeezed, or even stepped on and crushed. To avoid damage, store your sticks in a sturdy travel humidor or travel case that can withstand the airport staff’s cruelty.

If your cigars happen to be very expensive, you may want to rethink the bag you’re carrying them in. Expensive items can often be stolen from checked luggage. A lot of travelers also complain to have lost their checked bags.

What kind of humidor will work best?

cigars on a plane

Your travel humidor should be strong enough to prevent your cigars from losing their shape. It should also not shatter under pressure.

You also need to make sure that’s lightweight, so as not to affect the weight allowance of your luggage. Most travel humidors are heavy, so a cedarwood, sealed rack would be the best option for you if you don’t want your humidor to drastically impact the weight of your luggage.

You also need to keep in mind that the pressurized air on a plane causes dryness. This factor may very likely affect a cigar, especially if you’re traveling a long distance. Make sure that when you purchase yourself a humidor for your cigars, you should check it for good humidity control.

A good quality humidor that is lightweight, sturdy, and can maintain humidity is what you will need for traveling with cigars.

Cigar Paraphernalia – The dos and don t’s of traveling by air

What other cigar paraphernalia can you safely take along with you? You can take the following items:

Be prepared to answer some questions if you wish to carry Cuban-made cigars with you. While the restriction on importing Cuban cigars in the US has been lifted, airport authorities tend to question Cuban-cigar carriers. You are allowed to carry cigars for personal use, but you should still check out the laws associated with cigars and the rules of the country you’re traveling to. This way, you’ll know how many cigars you’re allowed to carry.

Cigar cutters

Don’t bring your V-cutter or a punch cigar cutter. Generally, any cutter with a blade longer than 4 inches is not allowed, according to the rules. It is very likely to be treated as a weapon by the TSA and will be confiscated. To stay on the safe side, you can buy cigar cutters at duty free stores. However, a scissor-type cutter with a shorter blade will not get you in any trouble.

Remember not to argue with the authorities if they wish to take away your cutter. Bringing any kind of blade will catch their attention. If you value your cutter, we recommend you to not keep it at hand and store it with your cigars in your checked luggage. Try carrying a less-expensive one while traveling to avoid the disappointment of it getting confiscated.

If you are only going for a short trip with just your carry-on bag, no need to worry. There are a few ways to cut your cigars even without a cigar cutter.


Read the TSA rules for your flight before packing a lighter. Generally, travelers can bring cigar lighters complying with the TSA rules. Usually, only a soft flame lighter is allowed. However, you can’t pack your lighter in checked luggage. You need to carry them with you in your carry-on bag.

Torch Lighters

Unfortunately, you cannot bring a torch lighter as they are strictly prohibited on flights. They are banned for both carry-on and checked luggage. Don’t try to sneak them in. There is a good chance that the authorities will find and confiscate it. Remember, TSA is very strict about prohibited items.

Stick Matches

While stick matches are nowhere on the TSA’s banned items list, you are only allowed to bring one packet or book of safety matches. Responding to a tweet, TSA also recommended that you keep your book of safety matches on your checked luggage.

Humidification Fluid

The TSA rules state that any kind of packed liquid is prohibited. So, leave the solution back home and purchase it from your destination after reaching there if you really need to have it. If you do happen to be carrying prohibited items, it will cause the security to go through your carry-on or checked luggage even more thoroughly. This increases the risk of your bottle of humidification fluid being confiscated by the TSA.

Before boarding your flight with your stash of cigars and paraphernalia, make sure to check in with your airline for any specific restrictions or allowances attributed to tobacco products and smoking accessories. Visit their website or call them. Also, consider the security rules of the airport of the city or country you’re traveling to.


  1. Can you bring cigars in your carry-on?
    Yes. You are allowed by the TSA to bring Cigars packed in your carry-on or your checked luggage, however you please.
  2. Are cigar cutters TSA-approved?
    TSA approves cigar cutters, but only if they have blades shorter than 4 inches. Blades longer than that are seen as a threat and are prohibited.
  3. Can you take Cuban cigars on a plane?
    Yes. A small number of Cuban cigars for personal use are allowed on planes. The import of Cuban cigars used to be banned in the US. Although the restriction is no longer in effect, security officers tend to question travelers carrying them.
  4. Can you take cigar lighters on a plane?
    Soft flame lighters are allowed on a plane. Torch lighters are, however, strictly prohibited.
  5. How many cigars can you fly with?
    Usually, up to 100 cigars are allowed, for personal use. However, each destination country has different rules regarding the number of allowed cigars.
  6. How long can a cigar last in a humidor?
    If the humidity levels in a humidor are maintained, cigars can last for a good amount of years.
  7. How do you pack cigars for travel?
    To save your cigars from potential damage that the dryness and/or the airport staff can cause, store

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