Emily Blunt Body

Emily Blunt’s Body | A Journey of Health & Wellness

Apart from her killer smile, Emily Blunt has a killer body that is a point of attraction for many. Born on February 23rd, 1983 to the family of former actress Joanna Mackie and Oliver Simon Blunt, this world-class actress has been a sight of love for all. Emily Blunt is from a military family background, which accounted for her good education and accounted for her fitness. Here is a summary of Emily Blunt.

Full name Emily Olivia Leah Blunt
Date of Birth 23 rd February 1983
Place of Birth Roehampton, London, UK
Occupation Actress and Model
Religion Christian
Father’s Name Oliver Simon Peter Blunt
Mother’s name Joanna Mackie
Spouse John Krasinski
Children Hazel Krasinski and Violet Krasinski


Emily Blunt body

The early days of Emily Blunt – a walk through memory lane

In the early days of Emily, she had a stammer, which was a problem for her until her teacher helped her. The teacher giving her a character to play using a different accent overcame her stammering problem. This singular action made the stammer disappear.

She schooled at Hurtwood House where she appeared in a stage production, “The Royal Family”. She also appeared in a television film in 2003 titled “Boudica” and then went on to act as the Queen, Catherine Howard in a miniseries titled “Henry VIII”. My Summer of Love was her film debut in 2004 after which a breakthrough came through the television film Gideon’s Daughter and a comedy-drama, The Devil Wears Prada, which was a blockbuster.

No fame can be said about her without recognizing her meeting with Kenneth Mcreddie who got her a role on BBC in 2000 during a performance at the Edinburgh Festival. She also starred in some action movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario.


Young Emily Blunt body

Emily’s Body structure – Weight and Height

One of Emily’s outstanding features that put her at the forefront of her acting roles is her height. She is 1.71 m or 5 feet 7 inches tall with an impressive weight of 52Kg or 114.6 pounds.

When speaking with the “Women’s Health” about her body, diet routine, and workout, she mentioned that working out was very strenuous for her and most exhausting. But before long, working out became a habit or more like an addiction. Once she got to this stage, her workouts became more intense and were a combination of resistance training, cardio-related exercises, and sculpting exercises designed to keep her body fit and healthy.

Emily’s relationship life

Although, the relationship of Emily is not usually made public to the world, there are a few facts that still slip out.

Emily met Michael Buble, a Canadian Singer in 2005, and while in the Logie Awards. Their relationship lasted for three years in which they shared a home in Vancouver before their breakup in 2008. Their breakup was caused due to leaked images online, which put the fidelity of Michael to question.

November 2008 saw Emily dating an American actor, John Krasinski. Emily and John were engaged in August 2009 and got married on July 10, 2010, in Italy. This celebrity matching was brought about by Anne Hathaway and remains one of the most successful matchmakings of celebrities in history.

The couples reside in New York City happily with two daughters, the youngest born in 2016 and the eldest born in 2014. Emily’s sister, Felicity, got married in 2012 to Stanley Tucci, an actor thus she became his sister-in-law.

Emily Blunt Body

Emily’s Family

Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski are known to carry their family in high esteem. They are one of the favorites when talking about celebrity parents. They are endowed with two daughters, Hazel Krasinski and Violet Krasinski.

Emily Blunt Body

Emily’s Citizenship

Emily is from London, UK but gained naturalized citizenship in the United States in August 2015. Her citizenship in the United States is dual citizenship, which helped her tax situation. When she spoke about the movie Sicario, she stated that she was faced with a conflict on the abandonment of her allegiance to the United Kingdom.

Emily’s body and measurements

One outstanding feature that is very attractive about Emily is the hourglass figure that makes her poised for her action movie roles. Emily Blunt’s body measurement is 34 – 24 – 35 inches. This measurement is a reflection of Emily’s effective workout routine. Furthermore, her body measurement keeps her very energetic when playing her action roles and allows her to glow in a natural splendid way.

Emily’s Brest Size and Bra Size

As one of the most attractive actresses with a great body, Emily has an aura of confidence mixed with great looks. She has a breast size of 34 inches and a bra size of 32B and a cup size B. The breast of Emily commands attention within Hollywood. For instance, she canceled a nude scene from the action movie “Sicario” with one statement regarding her breast not being in agreement with the scene.

Height 1.71 m
Weight 52 Kg
Figure Hourglass
Breast size 34 inches
Bra size 32 B
Cup B
Chest size 34 inches
Waist size 24 inches
Hips size 35 inches
Dress 6 (UK), 2 (US), or 34 (EU)
Shoe 7 (UK), 9 (US), or 40 (EU)
Color of eyes Blue
Color of hair Golden Brown

 Emily Blunt and Plastic Surgery – True or false?

Several rumors have been making the rounds about Emily having plastic surgery and breast implants. These rumors are unfounded and false. Emily works out regularly and spends a lot of time and energy on taking care of her excellent body. This is part of the reason she still looks very young despite being 38 years of age.


Emily stands as one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and has gained a lot of fortune as well as fame. Her net worth stands at about $80 million. This net worth is a combined amount with her husband, John Krasinski, who is also her director on A Quiet place parts I and II.


With her astonishing reach in the Hollywood industry, one would think Emily Blunt must have been nominated for an Oscar award. Emily has yet to be nominated for the Oscars but she has attained great heights in terms of Awards. Some nominations include the five Golden Globes for her works, she has received three BAFTA awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a win for her role in A Quiet Place in 2018. Below is a list of some of the Awards received by Emily Blunt.

  • BAFTA Awards
  • Britannia Awards
  • Critics’ Choice Awards
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards
  • British Independent Film Awards
  • Chicago Film Critics Association
  • Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association
  • Detroit Film Critics Society
  • Dublin Film Critics’ Circle
  • Empire Awards
  • Evening Standard British Film Awards
  • Fangoria Chainsaw Awards
  • Georgia Film Critics Association Awards
  • Gold Derby Awards
  • Gotham Independent Film Awards
  • Hawaii Film Critics Society
  • Houston Film Critics Society
  • Jupiter Awards
  • London Film Critics’ Circle
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival Awards
  • Satellite Awards
  • Saturn Awards
  • Scream Awards
  • Louis Film Critics Association
  • Teen Choice Awards
  • Vancouver Film Critics Circle

Emily Blunt Body

Emily Blunt’s Favorites

Emily’s Favorite movies are Jaws and Kramer Vs. Kramer. Her favorite food is Pizza with burrata cheese and basil while her favorite TV show is Oprah. Her favorite books are The Kite Runner and To Kill a Mockingbird.


Emily Blunt is what we call actress extraordinaire who has dedicated many years of her life delivering amazing entertainment. She offers her best when it comes to acting and plays all the roles perfectly to make them feel more real. Her body is the epitome of beauty and health as she is dedicated also to keeping herself fit. Emily Blunt is a true actress in all the sense there is.



Can we say Emily Blunt is Brunette or Blonde?

Emily Blunt has golden brown hair that is natural; this means she can be categorized as a bit of both.

 Are James Blunt and Emily Blunt related?

During an interview with Metro in 2013, Emily answered this question stating; “No, James is in no way, my brother”.

Was Emily Blunt with child/pregnant during the filming of “A quiet place”?

Yes, Emily was pregnant all through the period the film “A quiet place” was shot. Ironically, she played a role of a barren woman during the film.

How many kids do Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have?

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have two daughters, Hazel Krasinski 7 years of age, and Violet Krasinski 4 years of age. Emily and John are very protective over their children’s privacy and thus careful not to post their daughters’ photos.


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