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7 Ways to Plan a Fashion Show (The Ultimate Checklist)

Fashion shows are always a thrill to watch, and when planned with a good fashion show checklist, they come out perfect and beautiful.

Do you want to organize a fashion show to raise funds, or for art, to set a fashion trend, or market a product? Are you uncertain as to how to go about it?

What you need is a checklist, and we’ll be showing you how to plan a fashion show checklist that will produce outstanding results regardless of what you seek to achieve from the fashion designer show.

1. Creating a Theme

Plan fashion show

Where to begin? Start off with creating a theme.

Your fashion show should have a theme around which the whole event revolves. Think of it as your central source of inspiration and creativity. It’s through the lens of this theme you’ll be selecting your clothes, designers, models, setting and target market, when the time comes.

How do you come up with a perfect theme? Simplicity is key. You could go with summer fashion if your event is scheduled between June and August, or something in correlation with a trending event, costume or even animal if it’s an animal charity event. You can put together a creative team that develops fashion shows ideas.

Bear in mind that selecting a theme isn’t something you should jump on a few weeks to your event. You should have it well thought out and chosen at least five months before your event.

2. Building a Budget

plan fashion show

The next step on how to plan a fashion show checklist is building a budget. With it, you can estimate the total amount needed and know your spending limits.

You don’t want to run into loss or debt, yet again, you want to invest a substantial amount that would make the event an outstanding one. The task lies in balancing things out.

Your budget should cover a number of things which include booking a venue, hiring an efficient team to run the event, cost of entertainment, and payment of designers and models. Depending on the nature of the event, you may have more expenses to deal with. Make sure you leave nothing out of your event budget and plan how much you’ll be spending according to your capacity.

3. Find a Venue

Ultimate How to Plan a Fashion Show Checklist

At this stage, the next thing you want to cross off your list is finding a suitable place to hold your fashion designer show.

The most popular venue choices for local fashion designer shows are event centers and schools as they are quite cheap. Schools particularly are perfect choices because they have stages with which you can build your catwalk.

When booking the venue, check out the capacity it can carry and be sure it’ll comfortably be large enough for your audience. Don’t forget to ensure it has a suitable makeup and changing room for your models. You’ll also need to book the venue for rehearsals before the D-Day.

4. Build a Team

plan fashion show

Your team should comprise of people covering all possible duties required for the fashion designer show to run smoothly. You’ll need as many hands as possible to reduce the workload on yourself, because if after allocating duties to everyone, you still have some jobs to be taken care of, they’ll fall on you.

Get yourself a backstage administrator to take care of any issue that may arise and also supervise the duties of the other crew members. Yes, it’s your fashion show. No, you don’t have to be the manager and supervisor. Leave it to a qualified hand and you’ll save yourself so much stress.

You’ll also need hands for the music, lighting, backstage activities, hair and makeup crew, wardrobe specialists, stage and venue setup, cleaning and utilities, and of course, marketing to inform people about your show and make them attend.

5. Find Designers and Local Boutiques

Ultimate How to Plan a Fashion Show Checklist

Now we’re getting to the fun part. You may have some clothes and fashion shows ideas already, and even if you don’t have yet, this is the part where that is solved.

Sourcing clothes from designers and local boutiques around you gives them the exposure they need and saves you time, stress and money. Since it’s a 1-day event, you can ask them to loan or donate the clothes and accessories you’ll be needing. In return, you give them credit and show them off onstage after the event for publicity. Their presence will also help models in fitting the wears and adjusting them where necessary.

6. Find Models and Coordinate Outfits

plan fashion show

Now that you have the clothes sorted, you’ll need models to wear them. If you’re going with professional models, you can reach out to local agencies or organize a casting call yourself. Another option would be to use volunteers, which you can readily get with a little publicity on social media or among students if you’re using a school.

Be diverse in your selection in gender, age, race and dress styles. The aim is to make the fashion show as all-encompassing to your audience as possible, to make it relatable to them and drive the theme home in the process.

Once you have your models, their outfit, makeup and hair sorted, all that is left to light up the show is their confidence and carriage.

7. Finalize Your Timeline and Rehearse

This is where perfection happens. Finalize any other thing you may need and then rehearse over and over again in your chosen venue.

Having several rehearsals will help you define the order of events and timing accurately. It also enhances the coordination of all units working together and helps preview possible mistakes well beforehand.

Here, all your fashion show ideas are brought to life fully and you can make adjustments to the makeup, dressing, seat arrangement, stage design, and your whole fashion designer show in general, until it attains perfection for the D-Day.

Now that you know how to plan a fashion show checklist, you’re ready to utilize all your fashion shows ideas and pull off a mind-blowing fashion designer show. Once you can check every part of this list, you’re well on your way to achieving your purpose for the fashion show. Best of luck out there, go set that stage ablaze!

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