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Exclusive Outfits to Wear In Santorini Trip

The beautiful Santorini Island in Greece stands out for its dramatic landscapes and white Cycladic houses. Moreover, it also happens to be the place known for its modern-day fashion sense. The iconic color patterns and the Caldera view together to give you the perfect outfit inspiration: a blue and white combination.

When it comes to Santorini, no matter when you’re visiting, do not forget to pack a blue and white outfit. Santorini is the best place to put together a blue-white combination. Pack your bags with comfortable yet chic outfits to visit this dreamy island. Choose a versatile style for yourself to ensure you stay comfortable and cool whether you’re climbing steep hills or exploring the beaches.

If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, you are most probably visiting between the months of April and October. The weather during these months is generally warm and sunny with a bit of rain. You will not need to pack any coats or boots, just a light cardigan for the cooler days and an umbrella for the rainy ones.

What to wear?

wear in Santorini

Let’s move on to the outfit inspirations you’re looking for. Before we get into the details of what you should pack along with you, remember to consider a few crucial aspects. Keep the following things in mind to dress your best in Santorini.

4 Important things to consider while deciding what to pack:

You should consider a few elements like color and fabric when you pack your bags to pay Santorini a visit. While you may want to pack all of your most stylish outfits, try to pack according to how long you’ll be staying.

  1. Blend the colors.
    The most common colors you’ll find are the whites of the white-washed houses, blues of the church domes. The Cyclades are mostly in shades of blue and white with a few houses painted along the lines of beige, salmon, and grey.
    We recommend you pack outfits in these colors, along with some pastels. This color palette will surely give you a classy appeal in your pictures on the island. While we’re at it, try avoiding black and other dark colors, and leave room to experiment with pastels.
  2. Pick your fabric
    While style is a crucial determining factor, you want to feel comfortable too. After all, comfort is how you’ll enjoy feely. Whether you plan your vacation in spring or summer, make sure to choose appropriate fabrics.
    Linen, Cotton, and summer wool work best for summers. If you’re visiting in the cooler months, bringing a light cardigan will do you good.
    Avoid fabrics like denim, leather, and rubber, as these don’t offer adequate ventilation, so you’ll end up getting sweaty pretty quickly.
  3. Choose your shoes
    The wrong pair of shoes can ruin your entire experience. Choose breathable summer shoes so it’s easy for you to stay on your toes. That being said, keep colors and fabrics in mind so your outfits look put together.
  4. Accessorize
    Your looks will not be complete if you don’t pack some accessories along with you. Bracelets, watches, necklaces, and sunglasses are a must-have if you wish to look cool in Greece. If you’ll be sightseeing, you’ll need a spacious bag to carry essentials like sunscreen, a bottle of water, and perhaps your camera. For that, bring a stylish but roomy tote bag that can match just about any outfit.
    Pack smartly

This is an art you need to master if you wish to start traveling a lot. Pick items that you can mix and match to come up with a variety of stylish outfits. Carrying bulky luggage is never a good idea and can interfere with your traveling experience.

Men- Pack wisely and appear smartly dressed

wear in Santorini

Dress comfortably but don’t make it too casual. Smart-casual is how you should be able to define your Santorini style. When you’re on a trip, you’ll want to look and feel fashion-forward. Nevertheless, keep the color guide in mind.


  • Pack a few collared shirts, but leave your Hawaiian prints at home. Santorini calls for block prints and plain shirts. Short-sleeved shirts with a few long-sleeved ones will do the job just right.
  • We recommend you bring a few t-shirts as well. They can pair pretty well with everything fitted trousers and a light-colored blazer.


  • Shorts are important. Santorini, Greece is the perfect place to flaunt your smart-casual wardrobe, which includes a collection of shorts. You should also tuck in a pair of beach shorts for when you’re visiting the renowned beaches of Santorini.
  • You will need a few pairs of trousers. Chinos and linen trousers are what all fashionable men wear at the famous Greek Island. Consider packing a pair of light jeans each, as well.


  • If you are not a man who can effortlessly rock the smart-casual style, summer blazers will instantly give you the oomph you need. Try pastels or contrasting colors for when you choose your blazers. Not to mention, it will also be ideal for the cooler seasons, along with a sweater.


  • Comfortable shoes are a must-have. When packing your bag for a week in Santorini, sandals, and trainers are essentials. We also recommend a pair of suede loafers for a smart-casual appeal.


  • With metallic bracelets and watches, you can never go wrong, especially when you’re visiting the Cyclades.
  • Along with these, you should also pack a few pairs of sunglasses as Santorini can be sunny during popular vacationing periods. They will also add to your style.
  • Santorini’s sunny weather gives men and women a chance to wear their favorite hats. You should consider packing a statement hat to accessorize your looks.

How to bring everything together:

For daytime, the most ideal way you can style your outfit is by picking out a shirt and trousers. You can pair it up with a nice pair of sandals or white trainers. For warm-weather activities, pairing a short-sleeved shirt with cotton shorts is also a good idea. Style yourself with sunglasses and a hat for a warm summer day at Santorini.

If you wish to add shorts to a rather dressed-up evening look, you may wear a blazer over a t-shirt with them. For most evening looks, collared shirts with chinos, linen pants or well-fitted jeans are most appropriate. You can complete such a look with loafer suede. Remember to accessorize with a bracelet or watch for an evening in Santorini.

Women- Pack wisely and impress everyone around

wear in Santorini

Santorini offers a lot to see and do. You should only consider packing dresses that will be appropriate for most, if not all types of activities and locations. Choose vibrant patterns if you wish to stand out or stick to the neutral and pastel colors if you’re not a trend follower.


  • Beachy attire works best for women exploring Santorini. Grab a few airy dresses and pack them in. Try going for light shades of yellow, orange, and pink if they’re your colors.
  • You can also look for a Kaftan for your trip. They are airier than beach dresses and have longer and bigger sleeves if you’re trying to cover up. The pictures will certainly turn out great if you opt for printed kaftans with plenty of embellishments.
  • Day-to-night maxi dresses are also essential. These can be block-printed or have eye-catching patterns. You can also experiment further with the colors to see what suits the ambiance.


  • You are sure to find yourself by a pool in Oia or Thira. So, remember to keep a bathing suit at hand.


  • Never leave for an Island without a pretty cover-up. You can choose ones in light colors and neutral tones. Similarly, you can also pack a nice sarong for those insta-worthy pictures.
  • The Cyclades are quite windy, even in the summers. Carry a light cardigan with you for those breezy evenings.

Jeans/Shorts and Tops/Crop tops:

  • During your trip, if you wish to switch out of flowy dresses and baggy kaftans, hanging into some shorts or jeans can be a relief. You can take along pants and shorts and pair them with cute tops and crop tops.


  • If you wish to make the best of your vacation without worrying about aching feet, choose comfortable footwear. Flats look chic with sundresses and will also help you get through the slippery streets of the island. If you pack a pair of trainers, your summer walks will be comfortable and consequently, more memorable. Try to find some fancy ones if you like to be a little extra with your style.
  • You cannot go wrong with basic white sneakers. You may end up using them multiple times during your vacation.


  • Go for some jewelry items like pearl and gold earrings and minimal necklaces with tiny pendants. They will bring your look together. You will never regret investing in minimal jewelry like this.
  • Your outfit will look super trendy when you’re carrying a big summer bag. Get your hands on the prettiest straw bag you can find.
  • Don’t forget to bring along a statement hat with you to Santorini. This is a must-have if you want to come back home with impeccable pictures instead of a bad suntan.
  • You will need a few pairs of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and look more put-together.

How to bring everything together:

Wear a maxi dress if you know you have a long day ahead. It will be the best outfit for a daytime look as well as an evening look. You can wear your flats with it or even your sneakers if that’s your style. Pearl jewelry, such as minimalistic earrings and a delicate necklace, will suit the style well.

For a more relaxed and casual look, wear your cotton or denim shorts with a crop top. Your footwear for this look could be your sneakers. Don’t forget a gold chain and pendant for a refined appearance.

You can also wear a dress or kaftan with your flats when you’re sightseeing during the daytime. Remember to make use of your hat and straw bag at these times. Your jeans and tops, along with matching jewelry, will serve for when you go out in the evening.

Things to do at Santorini Island and how to style yourself

A trip to Santorini can be one of the most fun-filled trips you could ever have. But you should know what to wear according to the activities you’ve planned for yourself.

Taking A Therapeutic Walk-in Oia Or Pyrgos

Wear a comfortable airy dress or kaftan if you want to take a walk on the Island on a hot sunny day. Pair it with sneakers and sunglasses.

Men can opt for shorts or chinos with a short-sleeved shirt. Remember not to leave for a walk without your sunglasses and trainers.

 Hiking from Fira to Oia

If you are an adventure-seeker and have decided to go on a light hike, wear your trainers with loose trousers. A plain white t-shirt will be most appropriate to avoid the heat and staying comfortable without compromising on style.

Wine-tasting at Santo Wines Or Venetsanos Winery

Santorini has some of the best wines in the world. You don’t always just have to dress up for evenings. You can also dress up during the day if you’re going for a wine-tasting experience during your stay. Wear a maxi dress paired with fancy flats. Men can rely on their linen trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, paired with some sandals. The same attire will do the job if you’re having an evening date at one of the wineries.

Watching a movie at the Kamari Open Air Cinema

When you’re going to an open-air cinema, you’ll want to dress your best. But remember that you’ll be sitting down for a few hours while watching a film. So whether you’re planning on wearing jeans and a t-shirt or even a gorgeous dress, check to see if it’s comfortable. As for men visiting the open-air cinema in Santorini, this is a great time to suit up in that blazer with semi-formal trousers.

Cruising around the Island

If your trip to the Greek Island includes the Catamaran cruise, be ready to rock your bathing suit and dress in style. You can enjoy swimming in the waters of the White Beach or the Red Beach in your favorite swimsuit or swimming shorts. On the cruising boat, wear a sundress while you watch the beautiful views of the Caldera cliffs and Volcanic Islands.

Visiting the Prophet Elias Monastery

The charming Prophet Elias Monastery is a major attraction. But before you decide on an outfit, keep in mind that chapels, monasteries, and churches in Greece do not allow women inside if their arms and legs are uncovered. To be on the safe side, wear trousers with a full-sleeved top. Generally, men also wear full-sleeved shirts with trousers while visiting a monastery.

What to wear to Santorini festivals?

Megaron Gazi Festival

This festival, which takes place in Fira during the first three weeks of August, includes various events. Most of these events are musical jazz concerts, along with classical music and art exhibitions. If you happen to be visiting during the time of the festival of Megaron Gazi, you can take along your most artsy and gorgeous outfits. This is your chance to dress up in colorful attire in Santorini, Greece.


Santorini is a place that treasures culture and faith. Occasions like Easter and other religious feasts are celebrated gloriously here. The village or Pyrgos is beautifully decorated with candle lights spread along the sides of the streets on Holy Friday. Visiting Santorini during Easter time can be really exciting. You can wear your new Easter clothes in Pyrgos and call it a day. There are no rules to Easter fashion, so wear something festive that you feel great in!

Related Questions

What is the best time to visit Santorini?

Tourists arrive at Santorini from April to September. However, the best time to visit is between June and August when the climate is more welcoming.

How is the weather in Santorini?

The months of October up to March are generally cold and windy. Not many tourists visit Santorini during these months.

The weather is best for hiking and sightseeing during the months of April to September as it keeps getting warmer with reduced precipitation.

Is there a dress code in Greece?

There is no such dress code in Greece. However, monasteries and churches do not allow women in if their arms and legs are uncovered. While there are no restrictions for men, they usually wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers to holy sites as well.

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