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Do’s and Don’ts Of What To Wear On Passover – Best Style Guide For Passover Dinner Guide 2021

Every spring, Jewish people gather to celebrate a special holiday—Passover! Commemorating in memory of the Passover out of Egypt to the promised land and escape from Egyptian slavery.

You may have wondered what to wear for Passover? Passover is an honorable holiday and is a week-long event. Well, you reached the right blog!

Today, we’re discussing our top do’s and don’ts of what to wear to a Seder event. With Passover being a weeklong event, it can be hard to put together multiple outfits.

Look no further! Here is our best style guide for Passover events:

Men’s fashion Guide To Wear To Passover

wear to Passover

When deciding what to wear for Passover, always keep in mind dress attire. For both men and women, it is a religious event and conservative dress attire is always a great go-to.

Although there are no special clothing requirements during this week-long holiday. If attending a proper Seder event. Consider wearing something comfortable. Comfort is key, as you can expect to be in your outfit of choice for long hours and typically eat lots of food.

If you’re still debating on what to wear, I have listed some great style options for men and women to consider when attending any Passover event.

Men’s Style Guide for dressing for Seder.

Men’s dress attire is pretty simple, but there are still some key things to consider. Let’s break down the Do’s of men’s dress attire for Passover.


  • Wear nice bottoms. This can include pleated slacks, long khakis, and jeans.
  • Tops should be dress-casual. This could be a dress button-down long sleeve, collared shirt, or blazer and tie.
  • Shoes should match the outfit and should be polished dress shoes.


  • Show up in a graphic t-shirt or plain undershirt.
  • It’s not recommended to wear shorts unless discussed and approved by peers. Only wear shorts if weather conditions apply.
  • Show up in sandals, flip flops, or slides.

Women’s Style Guide for dressing for Seder

wear on passover


  • Dresses and skirts are great! They’re comfortable and dressy for the occasion.
  • Skirts should be a respectable length. You can’t go wrong with an A-line knee-length dress or skirt.
  • Blouses are also a great option. Pair a nice blouse with women’s fitted slacks for a perfect outfit.
  • Blazers are a nice touch to any matching pant or skirt.
  • Shoes should match the outfit and can be flats or heels.
  • Always accessorize. A gorgeous pearl necklace and earring set can dress up an outfit nicely and in an instant!


  • Show up in a graphic t-shirt or plain undershirt.
  • Arrive in any dress or skirt shorter or at fingertip length. Most skirts below fingertip length are acceptable.
  • Arrive in a low-cut top. Stick to square, scoop, and boat necklines for dresses and tops.
  • Show up in sandals, flip flops, or slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dress up for Passover?

You may be wondering what the deal is with having to dress up. Passover is a holiday to show respect. By dressing up, you show respect to the tradition itself and those around you.

What colors should you wear on Passover?

wear on passover

There are not any “color codes” for Passover, however, it is springtime, and spring colors are great to incorporate! Spring colors would include soft pastels, lilacs, tans, and natural blues.

In the Jewish faith, two colors are highly symbolic and can be considered when picking your Passover attire. 

Traditionally, white and blue are the colors of the Jewish faith and the homeland of Israel. White and blue tones are associated with purity and in many ways represent heavenly respect in the Jewish faith. 

Incorporating white and blue is encouraged for Passover events but isn’t mandatory. Seasonal spring colors work just as well!

What do you wear to a Passover dinner?

No matter if it’s a skirt or slacks, it’s a must to have on conservative dress attire. My best recommendation is to wear Sunday church attire!

Medium to high necklines is great for women. Depending on the environment of the dinner, cut-off sleeve blouses and dresses may or may not be acceptable.

For men. Stick with button-down collared dress tops and slacks. Jeans may or may not be acceptable depending on the environment of the dinner. Regardless, jeans for this occasion shouldn’t have holes or rips.

Most importantly, have something comfortable! Because much like Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be filled by the end of dinner!

What is forbidden to wear at Seder dinner?

Refer back to the does and don’t category for both men and women. Not all things are forbidden on the don’ts list… depending on your family and environment.

The golden rule is to dress up and not to show off as this holiday is not about such things. Respectable clothing is a great choice for Seder dinners.

My last tip is to always ask if something is acceptable or appropriate to wear beforehand!

Do you dress up for Passover?

Absolutely! Passover is a holiday of showing homage to past victories and glory to God for the rescue passover out of Egypt. 

It’s important when attending Seder to dress elegantly and modestly. Conservative attire is mandatory. A knee-length dress with a cardigan or a skirt and blouse for women is a great combination. 

As for men, you have fewer creative options. Any slacks, button-up top, and jacket for men are appropriate depending on the event and location.

In Conclusion,

I hope you now feel well-equipped to styling all of your next outfits for upcoming Passover celebrations. 

If you are still questioning the best outfit for your next Passover dinner, I recommend reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions segment of this blog! Or you can leave us a message below with further questions. 

Whether you decide to wear an A-line dress or slacks, you’ll be sure to show up in style! Always remember dress clothes are a great go-to as it pays homage to the holiday and its traditions!

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