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Sometimes, you could have a closet full of clothes and still think of what to wear to US Open Tennis. But keep in mind you can make the right choice on what to wear to a grand event like the US Open Tennis. With that in mind, what can you now wear to US Open Tennis? 

What to wear to the US Open Tennis, is for you to go in something clean, fit, fresh, and classy. Most people see white as a sporty color and endeavor to have a touch of white in their wears. You can do that as well or go in all white,  it isn’t bad if you put that on. You also want to put on an outfit that goes with the summertime, from sundresses to shorts paired with shirts. 

Going as a spectator of the game, you want to look your best at USTA Billie Jean King National Center! Hence, it is vital to keep your style classy to fit the occasion. However, there are a couple of other suggestions we will show you for you to stand out in style!


There are few things to know about the US Open Tennis, an event that had 700,000 attendees in 2020. These facts are key to helping you choose outfits, styling,wear and stand out in the crowd.

1. The US Open always holds around summer as it starts on the last Monday of August and runs for two weeks.
 This means hotter days and cold nights. Since the games have both day and night rounds, this influences the clothing type. You do not want to be uncomfortable with whatever you are wearing due to the weather. So keep an eye on the forecast before choosing outfits to wear. 

2. Only the players have a dress code.

 Tennis is a game that requires a lot of running, jumping, stretching. Hence, a player is advised to put on clothing that allows free movement and comfort. Also, clothing that allows sweat to pass through easily is recommended, which is quite stretchy and helps them play well. 

Tennis is said to be the “chicest” sport ever due to stylish sportswear worn by players. The women are traditionally required to wear either a polo shirt or tank top with short skirt or free shorts. This can be paired with leggings when it gets colder at night. 

 For men, they are expected to put on a polo shirt that has a collar and is short-sleeved paired with free shorts. Their tennis shoes should also have non-marking soles that will not mark the court. Also, the shoes must be supportive and fitted to prevent injury. 

Face caps and visors are worn as well to protect them from the sun. This leaves the audience freedom to diversify outfits.

3.  Safety is one of the highest priorities at the US Open. 

Hence, this makes it essential for all entering the game venue to wear shirts and footwear at all times. Indecent clothing or accessories are inappropriate according to the US Open Guest Code of Conduct. Still, it is essential to stay as classy and comfortable as possible.

     Do you want to look trendy and stylish regardless of your gender? Well, here are some style suggestions:


wear US open tennis

Men can make bold fashion statements to the game. You can jump on the latest style trends and pull them off. Keeping in mind the warm temperature for the day matches. As a man you should keep it simple and sporty, not having a lot going on.

Short-sleeved cotton shirts with collars in warm colors like peach, mint green can be worn. You can wear them with shorts which give a perfect fit. The shirts could also be styled with sweat pants or regular pants. All this while putting on appropriate and fitting kicks. The last thing you want is to feel pain in your feet while standing to watch the game.


  • For men, a pair of jeans with a short-sleeved shirt is good. Which can be tucked in with a pair of shades also gives a sophisticated look.
  • Men can pull off an all-white outfit, too, which gives summer and sporty vibes simultaneously. This can also be a cotton linen white shirt paired with white shorts with brown or colored belts of choice.
  • Depending on how comfortable it is, a blazer or jacket can be thrown on as well. It could be a suit, denim, or leather.  
  • Also, striped shirts, either button-downs or sweatshirts can be paired with white pants or denim. Button-down oxford shirts can also be pulled off with cargo pants and a nice pair of kicks. 
  • Not forgetting those face caps or wide-rimmed hats, depending on preference, protects from the sun and completes the look. Do not forget other accessories too, like cool neckpieces and wristwatches.
  • For the night games, you want to keep yourself as warm and cozy as possible. So, a knitted long sleeve cardigan sweater can be thrown on a shirt with a pair of sweatpants or jeans. Also, hoodies and sweatpants with head warmers can be slayed due to the drop-in temperature at night.


wear to us open tennis

Before you start shopping online, you can checkout what your favorite celebrities have worn to the US Open tennis in previous years. This helps in getting style inspos and having a good idea of how to show up for the game. You want to rock a fresh, well put together look like nice party in the garden outfit.

You can step out in a pair of cool jeans worn with tank tops and a pair of boots. Free linen pants can also be worn instead of jeans. Also, pants in bold prints with simple silk or cotton tops can also be rocked with a pair of cool sneakers.

A sundress or maxi dress can also be worn to give summer vibe.  This dress can either be made of lace, floral, or chiffon. Depending on comfortability it could be styled with a pair of fashionable heels or sandals. This look can be completed with a good hat.

Nice pair of either biker shorts or free shorts or a skirt with tank tops also can be worn. Then button-down shirts can also be styled with any preferred bottoms. As long as it is anything lightweight that keeps you chic and comfortable. Flats also do well for footwear.


Also, you can pull off denim on denim styled with a cool pair of boots. Denim on sweatpants too can make a statement. Belted denim dresses can be pulled off with a pair of thrown over the shoulder blazers. 

Stylish jackets can also be slayed which can be either blazer, leather jackets, or short kimonos thrown on simple pants and capris. Lounge outfits can also be pulled off.

Who said ladies cannot pull off an all-white outfit too? This can either be in form of a simple white dress. It could also be a pair of white pants styled with white blazers or button-down shirt. 

Also, for night matches, open knitted long cardigans can be styled on pants with an inner shirt. Hoodies. With sweatpants being rocked with it. Head warmers can also be used to complete this look. Accessories should also not be left out from shades, to stylish purses and simple jewelry. 



wear US open tennis

Going to the US Open as a couple as well has its perks. You get to wear matching and complementary styles that will stand out.

 From color choice to what your choice of clothing is made of, you want to keep it fit and stylish. Shopping from sports online sites like Nike, Adidas, Fila also can help as they have collections designed for such occasions.



  • Don’t try to do too much! It’s a sporting event, not a fashion show. 
  • Dress as if you are attending a viewing party in a garden place.
  • Keeping in mind the free expanse the game takes place in, it’s vital to put on very comfortable footwear that makes walking and standing easy. Put on your best shoes to have a great time at the event.
  •  Avoid flashy colors; wear neutrals. 
  • Do not forget to put on sunscreen and shades to protect your eyes and skin because of the sun. 


What to wear to the US Open golf?

Your outfit should be modest and sensible. It should be well-fitted, not skimpy or brightly colored. Comfortable footwear like sandals, flats or tennis shoes is also required. Guidelines are stricter at the golf clubs as shirts must always be tucked in

How to dress for US Open tennis?

Shirts and footwear should be worn at all times. Avoid clothing or accessories with inappropriate graphics or images.

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